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Pearl Birthstone June

Few jewelry designs say "everlasting love" like the diamond anniversary band. This category has really thrived in recent years, thanks to more available styles and a renaissance of classic looks.


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Diamonds are a colorless gemstone.

2) Chromium makes amethyst's violet colored.    

3) Pearls are a symbol of purity.    

4) Anniversary bands are only available with one row of gemstones.


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Pearl Birthstone June
Greetings!  Eternity Rings Forever


A classic design under the diamond anniversary ring banner is the "eternity" ring. In this enduring style, diamonds completely encircle the finger, symbolizing a love with no beginning and no end - which is at the very heart of a husband and wife's vows toward one another. Within the eternity ring category, there are a variety of settings from which to choose, including baguette, channel, bezel, bar, and others.  


Eternity bands are also available with stones of various shapes, such as round, square and marquise. They are also available in various precious metals, such as 14-karat and 18-karat gold (yellow or white), platinum, and a combination of platinum and yellow gold. Titanium is also starting to become a more mainstream choice for couples looking for a more unique anniversary band. Some anniversary rings also have two or three rows of diamonds encircling the finger.


Symbolize your eternal love with an anniversary band to be treasured forever.

David Weiss 

June Birthstone: Lovely PearlsHappy June Birthday


Pearls have been a passion and even an obsession of people throughout the ages.  They have been ground up and used in cosmetics and as a medicine to treat heart and stomach conditions.  Some cultures swear by pearls as an aphrodisiac. These gems have adorned crowns, clothing, and temples, and were said to be a favorite of Cleopatra.


Only those with royal status once wore pearl jewelry, but eventually these gems were seen among all classes of people.  They continue to be viewed as a mark of taste and refinement as well as a symbol of purity, and they are often given to celebrate a marriage or the birth of a child.  Pearls are nature's perfect gift, suitable for all ages, and elegantly worn with everything from jeans to an evening gown.

What Causes Gemstone Color?  


When impurities are added to colorless gemstones, brilliant colors are frequently produced. When chromium is added to colorless corundum, a red ruby is born, and a green emerald emerges when chromium is added to colorless beryl. Diamonds can be colored blue or yellow by the addition of impurities. Amethyst's violet tint is the result of iron impurities in crystalline quartz, although this impurity acts differently than the chromium impurity that produces the red color of ruby.


Many gemstones' distinctive colors come from the presence of transition metals as impurities in an otherwise transparent crystal lattice. This can be because of a so-called crystal-field or, alternatively, a ligand-field effect. In this crystal field or ligand field effect, the field exerted by the host crystal on the guest impurity fixes the energy levels of the latter as a photon absorber. Put another way, the chemical bonding between the host crystal and guest impurity always involves the donation of electrons from the host crystal to empty energy levels in the metal impurity, binding the metal to the crystal.