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Mother's Day Is Coming!

Pearl Birthstone June

Selecting just the right piece for Mother's Day or any other occasion can be challenging. If you're trying to think of something a little more exciting than the standard fare, we'll create an extraordinary piece that Mom would be proud to own.


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Jewelry is a timeless gift that lasts much longer than flowers.

2) Emeralds are available in a wide range of colors.   

3) Synthetic emeralds can be mistaken for real emeralds.   

4) The most popular black gemstone is sapphire.


Ron Wallick

 Winner of our April drawing and a lovely pair of pearl earrings ($150 value).
May 2011
Pearl Birthstone June


If you like the look and theme of gemstones set in a row (which characterizes the mother's ring), may we suggest the three-stone diamond pendant, which is gaining popularity as a Mother's Day or birthday gift.  

 Mother's Day Is Coming!

The diamond line bracelet, in a gold or platinum setting, is another timeless gift that's appropriate for Mother's Day. (These bracelets are especially useful if the recipient happens to be a lucky mom or grandmother, who might have more "jewels" in her family than will fit symbolically into a ring.)


If you're buying upscale jewelry for a young girl to commemorate her graduation, Communion, or other milestone, the key is to get something that won't fall apart from rough handling. Sophisticated-looking enameled gold brooches are popular with girls, and so are bangle bracelets, which are just about indestructible.

David Weiss 

May Birthstone: EmeraldMother's Day Is Coming!


The emerald's name is indirectly derived from the Greek word "smaragdos," a term ambiguously applied to several kinds of green stones. The history of emeralds can be traced back to antiquity. They were worn by royalty in Babylon and Egypt. Tools dating back to 1300 B.C., during the reign of Rameses II, have been found in emerald mines in Egypt. Queen Cleopatra's emeralds were believed to originate from mines in Southern Egypt, near the Red Sea.


Emeralds can range in price from quite cheap to incredibly expensive. Their quality too ranges from poor to sensational with a side warning about fakes. More so than any other gem, fake emeralds have popped up in the market.  These are excellent imitations made of colored cut glass. Too, synthetic emeralds have been around since the 1940's. While quite pretty, they do not carry much value.

Black Gemstone Jewelry Black Goes With Everything


The most popular black gemstone is tourmaline. The black star sapphires only found in Chanthaburi, Thailand are also very popular. There is also the shiny black onyx, which resembles black tourmaline (but is not as heavy). There are the lighter weight obsidians and the very, very lightweight dusty black jet.  


Whatever your favorite, having at least one necklace in a black semi-precious gemstone is a MUST for any wardrobe and can last a lifetime.