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  Jewelry was created before the written word.

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3) A small percent of opals come from Australia.

4) Yellow gemstones are associated with optimism.

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Pearl Birthstone June

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October 2010
Pearl Birthstone June
The appreciation of beauty and the desire for adornment are intrinsic to our human nature, and the history of jewelry is a long one. Carved ivory bracelets dating from the Paleolithic era have been found, suggesting that before there was written language, agriculture or settled communities there was jewelry.

In every era since then, jewelry has reflected the society that created it. It has been used for trade, to seek favor from the gods, as a symbol of royalty and as a sign of wealth. Its aesthetics, too, have reflected its origins: from the bold motifs on the warrior jewelry of the Masai tribe to the Christian symbols on European jewelry dating from the Middle Ages.

The present era of fine jewelry - characterized by jewelry made of gold, platinum and gems, and available in a variety of styles and price ranges - dates from the mid-19th century. The predominant styles of jewelry since then conform to the general artistic movement of their times.

Designs reflect a wide range of influences, borrow freely from all the eras previously, and reflect the individualism of both the jewelry's designer and its wearer.

David Weiss
Color of the Month: Golden Yellows

Jewelry with yellow and golden colored gem stones come in a variety of different shades, including amber, canary, champagne, gold, lemon, mustard, ochre and saffron. Popular gem choices are topaz, tiger-eye, citrine, amber, and tourmaline.

Yellow carries healing qualities associated with the sun. It offers warmth, optimism, and light. Yellows and golds are believed to cheer you up and help make you feel happier.
October Birthstone Opal

All of nature's splendour seems to be reflected in the manifold opulence of fine opals: fire and lightnings, all the colors of the rainbow and the soft shine of far seas. Australia is the classical country of origin. Almost 95% of all fine opals come from the dry and remote outback deserts.

Opal has symbolized hope, innocence and purity through the ages. In the Middle Ages, young, fair-haired girls wore opals in their hair to protect its lovely blond color. Medieval writers believed opal could render its wearer invisible when the need arose. It was also said to have a beneficial effect on eyesight. It was thought to banish evil spirits and favor children, the theater, amusements, friendships and feelings.