Let's Take an Exotic Trip to the South Seas
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Pearl Birthstone June

South Sea pearls have a much stronger and thicker nacre than their Akoyacounterparts. Many layers of nacre have a crystalline structure that give the pearlits iridescence.

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Peridot was popular 4,000 years ago in ancient Greece.

2) South Sea pearls are not rare.

3) Peridot does not look like emerald.

4) The market for South Seas pearls is growing.

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August 2010
Pearl Birthstone June
Pearl From A Shell
Therich, lustrous color and iridescence of golden South Sea pearls evokesimages of romantic, faraway places. But, even more elusive than a tripto the exotic South Seas is the ability for the average jewelryconnoisseur to own a perfectly matched, top-quality necklace of 13mmSouth Sea pearls, which can easily sell for $200,000 or more. Buttoday, you can own a little piece of paradise by purchasing abreathtaking golden South Sea pearl in a ring or pendant, or a pair ofthese lovelies in a stunning earring design.

Grownprimarily on a few dozen farms in the Philippines and Indonesia, goldenSouth Sea pearls are extremely rare. It takes between two and threeyears to grow a golden South Sea pearl and when they emerge from theshell of a special golden-lipped oyster variety called the Pinctadamaxima, pearls are typically 10-13mm in size and reveal beautifulcolorations from light champagne to lustrous gold.

Over thepast few years, the high end of the pear
l market has been dominated bythe higher-profile black Tahitian pearls, another stunning largemillimeter variety. But there are signs that the market for goldenpearls is growing, especially with a drop in price in recent years dueto a sluggish world economy.
David Weiss
August Birthstone: Vibrant Green PeridotAugust Peridot

Peridot is a clear olive-green gemstone valued for its brilliant colorand durability. The gem is said to heal the heart, lend strength andhelp dreams come true.

Peridot is the perfect summer stone, a gemstone colored with the greenof nature and the gold hues of the sun. First popular nearly 4,000years ago in ancient Egypt, the brilliant peridot has made a stunningcomeback in recent years and is considered the gemstone of the month ofAugust and of the astrology sign Libra. Peridot is often mistaken foremerald and other green gems, but it has a beauty all its own.

Color of the Month: Yellow

The color yellow, at once charming and dramatic, is ubiquitous injewelry, where yellow gems run the gamut from diamonds and sapphires tocitrine, beryl, tourmalines and topaz. Perhaps the most famous yellowgemstone is the 128.54-carat Tiffany Diamond from a South African minefor $18,000 in 1877. It now nestles in the firm's iconic Bird-on-a-Rockbrooch, designed by Jean Schlumberger. Regardless of size, theseeye-catching stones are beacons of brightness that complement almostevery fashion color.