Gratitude to the Mothers in Our Lives ...
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May Birthstone
Color Of The Month: Red
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Ancient Egyptians braved heat, scorpions and snakes to search for Emeralds 2,000 years before Cleopatra's birth.

2) Garnets are only available in one color.

3) Spring's trend is soft, muted colors for gemstones.

4) Folklore tales explain Emeralds bring wisdom, growth, and patience.

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Happy Mother's Day

Pearl Birthstone June

A sentimental jewelry choice for Mother's Day is a locket -- a pendant, pair of earrings, bracelet, brooch, or hearts are also a favorite motif.

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May 2010
Pearl Birthstone June

Locket For Mother
"Happy Mother's Day." These words simply do not express the love and depth of appreciation we feel for our mothers
. This is the perfect time to choose a special gift for the special women in your life.
Heart Locket
This spring, the hottest trend is bright, exuberant colors in gemstones. While we are always up on the current trends, we always create a design for you that is timeless and classic, assuring that your Mother's Day gift will be enjoyed for years to come.
David Weiss
May Birthstone: The Brilliance Of EmeraldEmeralds

Springis a time of new growth and rebirth.  And the intense brilliant greenof the Emerald, May's birthstone, is as refreshing to the eyes as aspring garden after a rain.  Within its depths are often tinyfractures or inclusions, which the French call "jardin," or garden,because of their resemblance to foliage. The Egyptians were known toengrave Emeralds with the symbol for foliage to represent eternalyouth, and to bury these jewels with their dead. 

The ancient Romansassociated this gemstone with fertility and rebirth, and dedicated itto Venus, the goddess of love and beauty.  TheAncient Egyptians mined Emeralds in the eastern desert region 2,000years before Cleopatra's birth, braving extreme heat, scorpions andsnakes to search for the beautiful crystals.  During Cleopatra's reign,she claimed the Emerald mines as her own, as this was her favoritegem.  She often wore lavish Emerald jewelry, and it is said that shebestowed visiting dignitaries with large Emeralds carved with herlikeness when they departed Egypt.   
Emerald Ring
Somepeople believe that wearing an Emerald brings wisdom, growth, andpatience. And as any couple in a long-term relationship would agree,all of these qualities are essential for a successful and lastinglove.  This may explain why a gift of Emerald for an anniversary -- oranytime -- is considered symbolic of love and fidelity.

Color of the Month: Variety of Reds

Jewelry with redgem stones comes in a variety of different shades, including burgundy,cardinal, cherry, coral, crimson, magenta, maroon, ruby, scarlet andwine.
Red Gemstones
Shown here are pictures of some common and uncommon red stonesincluding garnet, coral, rare dinosaur bone and ruby.