Once a design is chosen, the process begins...
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Besidescustom gold jewelry, we offer jewelry repair service as well asrestorations and remounts. Perhaps you simply want an opinion ofwhether an item can be repaired or not. Whether it's replacing agemstone or repairing a chain, each repair is given the proper skilland care needed to restore it to its original beauty. Estimates forrepairs are available at your convenience.

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Pearl Birthstone June
1) Most gold and platinum jewelry is created using the lost wax casting method

2) Hand finishing is used on gold and platinum pieces

3) All Garnets are red

4) Garnets are named after pomegranates

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Pearl Birthstone June


We'vemade it through another holiday season--although, it's never too earlyto think about the next gift occasion, whether it be an anniversary,birthday or soon to arrive Valentine's Day. Creating a custom designedpiece of jewelry is a unique, personal present you'll be proud to giveor receive.

To bring your creation into being,we first decide on a design that suits your desires and needs. Workingtogether, we discuss the ideas you have. Perhaps your inspiration isfrom a picture you have found or a particular style you like. If you're not exactly sure what you want, we can help you through theprocess taking into account your lifestyle, tastes in jewelry, material(gemstones, diamonds, or pearls, for example) and budget. Once a design is chosen, the processbegins...

Creating gold jewelry takes time and craftsmanship through a processknown as "lost wax casting" using a wax model of the piece carved byhand. After the wax is shaped it is surrounded by a liquid moldingmaterial known as "investment." Once the investment hardens, the moldwith the wax inside, is placed in a kiln where the wax is "lost" byburning out at high temperature, leaving only a hollow replica of thewax model.  Molten gold or platinum is then cast into where the wax used to be,hence the term "lost wax casting". Once cast, the jewelry is finishedby hand and the gems are set. Your custom jewelry has been created!

We'd like to invite you to see some of the premier design jewelry that we have created over the past 30 years. Sit back and enjoy these timeless masterpieces.David Weiss
January Birthstone: Garnetgarnet

Garnetis the modern January birthstone and the gem designated for the 2nd and6th wedding anniversary. The name Garnet appears to originate with theLatin granatum malum which means pomegranate. Pomegranate is the nameof the bush which produces a red fruit with seeds.
garnet ring
Jewelrymade with garnet has been found as early as the Bronze Age (3000 BC) inburial sites. It is thought that early communities valued garnet andbelieved that it offered protections in the afterlife. During theMiddle Ages primitive cultures believed that the red stones would stopbleeding. Many early cultures believed that garnets were helpful inpreventing and curing blood disorders and infections.
january birthstone ring
Mostgarnets are red in color, leading to the erroneous belief that allgarnets are red. In fact a few varieties, such as grossular, can have awide range of colors, and uvarovite is always a bright green.
Why custom fine jewelry? Because you want a unique, personal, piece of jewelry that you will be proud to give or wear.

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