Articles / The Buzz on Earring Trends: Longer, Dramatic Styles Are In!

It's no wonder, when you consider how well earrings can set a mood, finish a look and express the wearer's individuality. When it comes to putting together a wardrobe, earrings are like shoes, handbags and other essential accessories - you simply can't have enough of them.

Based on recent fashion and awards shows, the buzz on earrings is that longer, more dramatic styles are in! This includes larger hoops and three-stone diamond earrings. The larger hoops are often seen with diamond accents or multiple charms. Also in vogue are dangles and drops (especially those with interesting textures and finishes, and studded with diamond pav or splashes of gemstone color).

Feminine, swingy, even shoulder sweeping designs are hot, particularly those in Art Deco and other vintage styles. Three-stone diamond bar earrings are another category that has benefited from the trend toward longer styles. In short, diamonds, color and old-school glitz and glamour are back.

In terms of metal, more people are turning to the warmth of yellow gold. What's more, fashion trendsetters have been gravitating toward orange-yellow stones such as coral, carnelian, mandarin garnet, fire opal, jasper, topaz, amber and citrine. Separately, turquoise also is red hot right now.

Finally, versatility has become a major selling point for earrings. Styles that can easily make the transition from work to home, day to night or casual to formal are in great demand. For instance, look for earrings that convert from day to evening by adding a detachable drop. And reversible hinged hoops that are plain on one side and studded with diamond pav on the other work equally well in the office and for a night on the town.

David WeissDavid Weiss

Graduate Gemologist, GIA
Certified Appraiser