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- Red and white are the traditional colors of Valentine's Day: red for romance; white for purity; red and white together for unity or reconciliation. Thus rubies and garnets, diamonds and pearls, are the ideal Valentine's Day gemstones. Things that come in pairs have special significance at Valentine's Day; thus cuff links for him or earrings for her (particularly stud earrings with red or white stones) are especially recommended. There are many gorgeous styles in studs to choose from these days, plus stud jackets or enhancers you can add later to dress them up with flair.

- Birthstones are another popular choice for Valentine's Day jewelry. Certain semi-precious stones have strong romantic traditions behind them and are pretty besides. Some examples are moonstones, opals, and the increasingly rare bloodstone. Consider what colors the recipient favors in her clothing, as well as her own hair, eye and skin coloring.

- For that special sweetheart, choose from our collection of chic and dainty platinum heart slides or our glamorous three-stone diamond pendants featuring the past-present-future theme.

- The new fashions in three-stone rings can make a perfect gift for the most important woman in your life, including your wife, girlfriend, mother or daughter. You can mix or match birthstones, accent a diamond with gems in any color, select her favorite gems, or surprise her with a traditional three-stone diamond ring.

- Expressing special thanks to someone you care about? Think hoop earrings in a style that complements her look. Hoop earrings range from tiny and ladylike to large and exuberant, so pick a style that shows how much you appreciate her special qualities.

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