Articles / Spring Fashion Demands Bold, Playful Jewelry

If fashion designers have their way, the spring season will be awash with airy, ruffled and beribboned clothes, as femininity becomes the look of the day. And what reinforces the message of luxury and womanliness like the accent of fine jewelry?

The best look for all jewelry this spring is bold and statement-making and one of the leading categories will be cultured pearls - a fact not lost on designers. International favorite Valentino used pearls as accents on his elegant evening dresses; America's Oscar de la Renta and Ralph Lauren showed their sporty confections with layers of pearls. And shimmering on the bracelets of new timepieces by Christian Dior and Franco Moschino were, guess what? Pearls.

The best thing about pearls this spring is their range, in terms of style, color and price. From top-of-the-line South Sea pearls to moderately priced freshwaters, the choice is vast, with designs suited to every taste and budget.

For a woman with classic tastes, choose an opera-length pearl rope that can be worn long, knotted or wrapped around the neck. A stylish shortener can create other options. Bracelets look best with many rows of matched pearls or designs where the pearls dangle like charms.

For a bolder look, consider exotic Tahitian and South Sea pearls in matched or graduated chokers. More unusual designs feature these pearls in baroque shapes or a mix of colors. Did you know that Tahitian pearls come in all shades from silver, deep blue, purple and greenish tones to warmer bronzes and browns? South Seas are found in classic white and creamy tones as well as in rich golds.

If a woman prefers a more casual, everyday look, the hot new trend is pearl drop earrings. Styles range from shoulder-dusting, stiletto designs to classic hoops with pearl dangles or dramatic, waterfall looks with dozens of shimmering drops. Or, consider pearl pendants, cluster rings or bracelets with pearls strung on tiny wires that remain in perpetual motion.

David WeissDavid Weiss

Graduate Gemologist, GIA
Certified Appraiser