Articles / Space-Age Metals: New Alternatives for Jewelry

Most people know that the platinum family of precious metals has taken center stage in fine jewelry stores in recent years, as savvy consumers have come to appreciate platinum and its cool, white platinum-family cousins, such as iridium and ruthenium, as top-quality materials for creating intricate, yet durable, jewels.

And now the Space Age has brought us an exciting, alternative white metal that has started to take hold in the world of fine jewelry. Titanium is a lustrous, durable metal was first used by the aerospace industry because it withstands temperature extremes like those found in space, and is stronger than steel, but 45% lighter.

As an alloy, titanium can be colored, but its natural metal color is a silvery gray. Titanium is inert, so it does not react to skin acids or common chemicals.

It was this skin-friendly hypoallergenic quality of titanium that made it attractive to jewelry manufacturers, along with its ease of fabrication and resistance to rough wear.

All of these attributes make titanium an ideal metal for men's rings, watches and sports jewelry that is likely to be knocked around or worn daily. So next time you're looking for durable and beautiful jewels that are ahead of the common fashion, let us show you the variety of innovative styles available in a Space-Age alternative metal.

David WeissDavid Weiss

Graduate Gemologist, GIA
Certified Appraiser