Articles / Big, Bold, Gold: Sculptural Pieces Take Center Stage

Big, bold and beautiful gold jewelry is back, with sculptural pieces and open-links leading fashion for the holiday season.

Chains and necklaces are longer, as 30- to 40-inch chains that can be wrapped around the neck several times gain favor. Substantial, open-link circles and ovals are newest, and are seen looped around ankles, wrists, and waists, as well dangling from ears and necks. Vintage-inspired gold jewelry with lace-like filigree and chains that resemble delicate fabric creates another glistening option. Yellow gold is beginning to dominate offerings, although white gold and pink gold are becoming fashion staples. Dangling, sculptured, linear-drop earrings are the newest among the craze for hanging earrings popularized by chandeliers. Choose a shiny-finish for a gleaming glow, or textured gold for its intricate design appeal.

Women are wearing a multitude of gold stacking bracelets and rings, often accented with small colored stones or pearls and pink, yellow, and green sapphires. Many necklaces are sprinkled with small, pastel-colored gemstones, which accent gold in all its glory! Matching necklaces and bracelets are the newest combos, especially in open-link styles. For those who wish to dazzle, choose a glittering, tiny-diamond-accented version. Smooth- and textured-link combos are sure bets for a sporty look that's just right any time of day or night.

Chunky flowers and animals are popular charm motifs, while, very large geometric brooches are perfect for setting off a jacket lapel. Pendants feature yellow- and white-gold open-link disks and spirals that swing and dangle from neck chains that are at least 18-inches in length. And gold fringe is the newest motif to dangle from earrings and necklaces, giving wearers a new edge.There's no end to the ways gold can be sculpted, threaded, woven, textured, swirled or colored this season to attract all who choose to adorn themselves with its gleaming beauty.

David WeissDavid Weiss

Graduate Gemologist, GIA
Certified Appraiser