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For several years now, one of the hottest diamond trends has been the three-stone ring. This classic piece, which has its roots in Victorian times, has enjoyed a major revival with many of today's couples as the style of choice for both their engagement and anniversary rings. Celebrities ranging from actresses Sharon Stone and Jennie Garth to singers Toni Braxton and Madonna, among others, have been seen sporting the item. In fact, the three-stone style has been so popular, many jewelers have reported that married couples are bringing in their old diamond solitaires to reset them into new three-stone rings.

It's not hard to understand why this style is hot once again. The retro movement, and our love for and comfort with nostalgia has played a role. Also, the three-stone style is the ultimate symbol of commitment and expresses your enduring love for your mate like no other piece of jewelry. It taps into the strength of diamonds as the universal gift of love and romance. And the romantic three-stone theme itself - one stone representing the past, one the present and one the future - proclaims that your love for your mate will withstand the test of time. This message has been particularly poignant in light of the emotional turmoil the country went through following Sept. 11, 2001.

If you already own a three-stone ring and looking for something different, there are a lot of alternatives. Three-stone jewelry is available in an array of categories, including earrings, pendants, bracelets and pins. In fact, sales of these "non-bridal" three-stone categories has grown at a phenomenal pace, according to diamond experts. The beauty of these "add-ons" is that a woman who owns a three-stone ring can easily create a bold new ensemble by adding matching pieces, such as earrings and a pendant. And the three-stone look is incredibly versatile; it will match with any outfit, event, lifestyle or skin tone - making it a true staple for any jewelry wardrobe.

Three-stone jewelry lovers also need not settle just for round diamonds. The popularity of the category has meant an explosion of new designs. Princess (square) cut diamonds are a very popular choice for three-stone jewelry; you'll also find pieces with oval, marquise and even trillion (triangle) stones. Pieces also come in a range of stone sizes and settings.

But regardless of which type of three stone-jewelry you choose, we advise that you make sure the diamonds are matched perfectly for color and clarity.

David WeissDavid Weiss

Graduate Gemologist, GIA
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