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Whether you buy your engagement ring and wedding ring as two individual pieces or as a "bridal set" is very much a matter of taste. But if you do decide to get a set, it might be a good idea to consider platinum. Why? Because designing a bridal set that's tasteful, practical and interesting, all at once, often requires skill and imagination - and platinum lends itself wonderfully to even the most demanding design concepts.

The look of platinum is especially effective for a bridal set, which often runs the risk of looking either too meek, or ostentatious. Platinum, with its subdued glow, is an ideal background for a diamond, and doesn't overwhelm the hand when one ring sits atop the other. Platinum offers tremendous scope for design: its white luster is equally appropriate to traditional, contemporary and original treatments. Since platinum is such a strong metal, it allows unusual design options, such as tension settings, that are particularly effective as part of a bridal set. And, of course, its strength makes platinum ideal for traditional prong settings.

Many brides prefer colored stones on an engagement ring, either as the center stone or as accents to the diamond. Platinum looks especially handsome with a blue or purple sapphire, with tanzanite or blue topaz. For a daringly modern look, why not a yellow or pink diamond to contrast with the platinum setting?

The bride who loves engraved rings will find that platinum takes engraving beautifully. Elaborate scrolls and flowers can give a bridal set a mysterious, romantic, somewhat medieval look, for which platinum is the perfect medium.

David WeissDavid Weiss

Graduate Gemologist, GIA
Certified Appraiser