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Unlike the other precious white metals - silver and white gold - platinum does not tarnish or lose its luster; indeed, its brilliant white sheen grows more beautiful over time, enhancing the brilliance and depth of the gemstones with which it's paired. The latest platinum wedding bands and engagement rings take full advantage of platinum's strength and versatility, featuring intricate embellishments such as hand-carved custom designs, filigree and inset stones. Designers are also reviving ideas from the Edwardian and Art Deco eras, the early years of platinum's popularity.

The pairing of colored diamonds and other colored gemstones with platinum is an interesting trend this season. Designers will also be experimenting with classic, three-stone diamond engagement rings and anniversary bands set in platinum.

In the past, platinum was used rather rarely for non-bridal rings, but it's coming into its own as a fashion metal. Platinum cocktail rings are gaining prominence this season, as designers gain new appreciation for platinum's versatility and its compatibility with almost any gemstones. If you're considering the newly popular Right-Hand Ring, why not select one crafted in a precious platinum setting?

Stackable platinum rings set with colored gemstones represent a delightful change-of-pace holiday gift. The woman who loves simple elegance and a modern take on traditional designs will appreciate a diamond solitaire pendant in a platinum setting. The three-diamond pendant is another graceful option. Daring designers are also expanding their holiday collections with platinum necklaces, cuffs, link bracelets, brooches and earrings. Platinum accessories include just about anything you can think of, including tokens of love and luck such as hearts, crosses, wishbones and religious symbols, nature-inspired designs, and modern takes on antique ideas. Also hot this year are long platinum and diamond earrings, classic pearl or diamond studs in platinum settings, and strands of white pearls for the neck or wrist fastened with significant platinum clasps.

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