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For partying, though, a man can cast away his inhibitions and let his imagination go a little further nowadays. Necklaces and bracelets - and even earring studs - have all gained acceptance, especially among younger men.

Daring designers are making men's jewelry from various materials that used never to be associated with gold or precious stones. Leather and rubber, for instance, are finding their way into fashionable men's jewelry. Men are discovering platinum, which is durable and substantial, and offers a unique luster. And now there's titanium, which can provide a very modern look. Even stainless steel is being used for necklaces, rings and cuff links in combination with gemstones, for a look that's both stylish and masculine.

It's still usual for men to favor dark-hued colored stones, such as onyx and black star sapphire, but diamonds and more vibrant colored stones are gaining ground. A diamond or ruby stud in the ear can add extra flash on a Saturday night, and cuff links with small diamonds or colored stones go well with a business suit.

For formal wear, setting cuff links and shirt studs with pav diamonds is a modern idea. And, believe it or not, pearls, especially the black Tahitian variety, are now finding their way into high-fashion men's jewelry.

David WeissDavid Weiss

Graduate Gemologist, GIA
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