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Diamonds: Still a Girl's Best Friend

Perennially classic, diamonds never fall from fashion, but current trends have given them some eye-popping new looks. Recent discoveries of rich sources of larger diamonds have made diamonds of a half carat or more available in both greater quantity and quality - assuring these dazzlers and attention-grabbing place in the oversize jewelry movement.

At the same time, economy-conscious buyers have become increasingly aware that diamonds are as much an investment as a fashion statement. As such, harder-to-find larger stones hold their value much better than smaller ones. It's no surprise that women are sporting their big rocks at the neck and on the ears, where they'll attract the most admiration. Upswept hair styles further accentuate their brilliance, making the jewels, not the clothing, the fashion centerpiece. On the ears, dangling or chandelier earrings use smaller diamonds to complement the larger stone that finishes off the design. Waterfall styles are also trendy, and the ever-popular studs - in sizes big enough to make them more than "simple" - still abound. On the neck, glittering diamond pendants and chokers ensure an eye-catching dcolletage; even streamlined hoop earrings and bangle bracelets are boasting brilliant accents. Wherever they're worn, women are seeking to make statements with their stones.

While size certainly garners favorable attention, modernizing diamonds to meet current fashion expectations can be as easy as choosing new shapes. For engagement rings, standard brilliant and emerald cuts are still favorites, but discerning brides now have more options. An array of designer cuts - often named by their creators - take distinctiveness to a new level. Featuring mathematically calculated cuts of up to 105 facets, for example, these complex cuts are crafted to optimize brilliance. Some even create the illusion of larger stones. For brides searching out the unique but not overly ornate, creative cuts can be the answer.

But diamonds are not just for lovers anymore. Inspired by celebrities who have been flashing daring diamonds on red carpets across the country, women are realizing that their beautiful diamonds can be worn wherever and whenever, even as rings. The up-and-coming right-hand ring, featuring multiple diamonds in unusual designs is a dazzling display of self-expression. Easily distinguished from engagement rings, these contemporary creations - in floral, modern or vintage motifs - declare individuality. As a gift to one's self or others, diamonds are always a smart choice.

David WeissDavid Weiss

Graduate Gemologist, GIA
Certified Appraiser