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Introducing the Right-Hand Ring. It's the newest trend in women's jewelry and we applaud the concept.

As its name indicates, this is a fashion ring for the right hand, a ring whose design and purpose are different from the engagement or wedding rings on the left. Those rings, usually a gift from a man, have their own romance and significance. The important difference about the Right-Hand Ring, however, is that it's intended to be a self-purchase, a gift a woman chooses for herself to celebrate who she is.

We tell our clients to think of a Right-Hand Ring as a personal statement of style and status. It's an ideal choice for jewelry lovers who have the financial means to buy it for themselves. And while the Right-Hand Ring can be of any style or made from any material, the most popular ones we've sold have been diamond rings.

Choose from classically elegant designs in platinum, white or yellow gold with prong-set, pav or channel-set diamonds. Many of the new rings are fairly wide, yet are comfortable and easy to wear because they are braided, woven or pierced like lace. The size and number of diamonds is always an option: Some rings sport a large center diamond, others are designed with many different sized stones, still others are entirely of pav. The design is another matter of personal choice. While many women prefer to coordinate the style of the Right-Hand Ring with their wedding and engagement rings, others want something totally different. As a result, jewelry designers have come up with a large variety of new looks to choose from. Come in today to view our selection of Right-Hand Rings and find the perfect one to reflect your taste and style.

David WeissDavid Weiss

Graduate Gemologist, GIA
Certified Appraiser