Articles / 8 Ways to Keep Your Fine Jewelry In Tip-Top Shape

With proper care, your fine jewelry can last a lifetime. Here are eight tips to help you keep the sparkle in your most precious possessions:

  1. Avoid contact with chemicals, such as chlorine, seawater, hair spray, perfume and household cleansers, which can ruin silver and gold. Put on your jewelry after you are finished with your hair and makeup.

  2. Avoid overexposure to water, which can leave mineral deposits, weaken clasps, or cause loosening of gemstones.

  3. Remove jewelry before cooking or exercising to avoid films and residue that can dull color and shine. Take your jewelry off before doing dishes, housework or heavy outdoor work to avoid dents, scratches, or chipped stones.

  4. Store your jewelry pieces in a clean, dry place. Since jewelry pieces can scratch each other, always store them in fabric-lined boxes, divided compartments or felt bags. If you prefer to use ordinary boxes, wrap each piece individually in soft tissue paper.

  5. Visit your jeweler regularly to have your jewelry professionally cleaned.

  6. Wipe your jewelry pieces with a soft, damp cloth after wearing. If using a commercial or ultrasonic jewelry cleaner at home, always make sure it is appropriate for your pieces and carefully follow the instructions. Consult us for the best cleaning procedure for the particular gemstones and metals in your wardrobe.

  7. Never attempt to repair jewelry yourself. See us at least once every six months to have your fine jewelry checked for loose prongs, worn mountings and general wear and tear.

  8. Be careful when removing your jewelry to wash your hands. Do not leave your jewelry on the rim of a sink where it can easily fall down the drain.
David WeissDavid Weiss

Graduate Gemologist, GIA
Certified Appraiser