Articles / 10 Reasons She Deserves Fine Jewelry This Mother's Day

1. Because she does all the other shopping for your busy household - from the grocery shopping to the back-to-school shopping to the Christmas shopping - a diamond solitaire pendant. You know it's something she's always wanted but has never, ever shopped for herself.

2. Because she's an avid gardener, flowers that will be truly perennial - a 14-karat pin or pendant with an extravagant assortment of multicolored gemstone blossoms.

3. Because you know she's so sentimental - a pair of three-stone diamond earrings to celebrate your past, present and future.

4. Because the two of you have a so much to commemorate - a charm bracelet adorned with charms symbolizing her family, career, favorite hobbies or interests.

5. Because the children will also want to give her charms for her new charm bracelet - two more charms, one the silhouette of a little boy, the other, a little girl.

6. Because she loves earrings - a pair of dangling chandeliers, adorned with brilliant diamonds or sparkling aquamarines to match her eyes.

7.Because you've been her right-hand man and she's been your right-hand woman for all these years - a diamond right-hand ring.

8. Because she's the family photographer, and takes such great pictures of you and the kids - a two-sided gold locket to hold her current favorites.

9. Because she's always admired her mother's pearls - a cultured pearl necklace of her own for her daughter to admire. And...

10. Something with a heart. Since this symbol really says it all - choose a heart pendant, heart earrings or maybe a gold pin made of entwined hearts.

David WeissDavid Weiss

Graduate Gemologist, GIA
Certified Appraiser